Conferencias y Exposición

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Exhibition   TAIMEE presentation on The 3rd sustainable Building Forum of the Competitiveness Clusters, in Bordeaux (France) – NOBATEK (7th and 8th February 2013). Sustainable building forum.pdf
Seminar   Dissemination of TAIMEE project -Seminar about Communication and environmental improvement of building products based on LCA- ASCAMM (Trespa Design Center, Barcelona 06th March 2013). Trespa.pdf
Stand   Stand at Construmat 2013 – Barcelona, 21, 22, 23 and 24 of May. Construmat1.jpg
Conference   Conference about R+D in the Construction Sector, organized by the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona. May 25th. Conference construction sector1.jpg
Conference construction sector2.jpg
Conference   The low environmental impact and communication as a competitive factor for companies. Cerdanyola del Vallès – Barcelona. Conference environmental impact1.jpg
Conference environmental impact2.jpg
    (ASCAMM 3th July 2013).  
Session   AMEC (Barcelona). Session with experts on the carbon footprint organized by ASCAMM (17th October 2013).  


Workshops y Seminarios

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Presentation/Workshop   Presentation of Taimee project and Green up project   Citylab Cornellà del Valles 25th November 2013   KIM BCN   20   Xavier Duarri,Cristina Fabregat   Taimee_Nov2013.pdf
Workshop   Final Workshop   Vilanova, July 2015   LEITAT   20   Javier Casellas, Cristina Fabregat    


Otro materiales diseminación

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Newsletter n.1 May 2013 {jd_file file==48}
Newsletter n.2 Dec 2013 {jd_file file==49}
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Newsletter n.5 Jun 2015 {jd_file file==1439}
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Initial Insulation Panel Jan 2014 {jd_file file==1445}
Environmental and Technical Benchmarking Oct 2015 {jd_file file==1446}
Project Presentations Jan 2014 {jd_file file==1447}
Layman Report Jul 2015 {jd_file file==1448}
Project Information Update Oct 2015 {jd_file file==1449}
Annual Dissemination Strategy Oct 2015 {jd_file file==1430}
Leaflet Mar 2013 {jd_file file==1450}
Proceeding Workshop Oct 2015 {jd_file file==1451}
Project Video  Jul 2015  Link