LEITAT Technological Center

LEITAT Technological Centre is a private-non-profit Technological Center founded in 1906 with the aim to collaborate with companies and institutions by adding technological value both to products and processes, and focuses its activity on research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i).

Its main R&D lines include Smart Materials, Smart System and SFIT, Surfaces Treatments and Functionalisations, BioInVitro, Biomaterials, Biotechnologies and Bioprocesses, Biomedicine, New high-tech polymers and fibres, Analytical Chemistry, Nanociences and Nanotechnologies, Eco-Technologies, Industrial Design and Product Creation, Environment, Fast Moving consumer Goods, Renewable Energy and Energetic efficiencies.


ASCAMM Technological Center

Ascamm Technology Centre is a leading private, non-profit, multi-sector organisation specialised in industrial technologies, with a strong focus on the generation of product/process proprietary technology and the development of advanced, market-oriented applications for the transport, construction, healthcare, consumer goods, industrial equipment, plastic and metal industries, based on 25 year long experience in materials processing technologies, ecodesign & product development, manufacturing & automation technologies, industrial ICT, positioning & navigation technologies.

Ascamm focused its activity on Research, Development and Industrial Innovation.

Over 200 companies are involved in more than 70 R&D&i projects lead or participated by Ascamm yearly.

Ascamm organisation employs 165 highly qualified staff in its 11000 m2, high tech headquarters near Barcelona (Spain) and develops extensive international operations.



PLASFI group is in the field of Polyurethane (PU, PUR, PIR) with over 25 years of know-how and experience, The PLASFI headquarters in Santa Coloma de Queralt, Tarragona province (Spain), develops an important work in research and innovation in polyurethane applications, within its program includes the major scope of Polyurethane Systems.

The main products from PLASFI are: thermal insulation (PLASFI), acoustic insulation (Plasonic), and acoustic spray foam (Sonoplas), waterproofing (ElasPlas), elastomeric toppings (Plascoat), cork industry (Egba), fill in wheels (Plasfii), hot cast elastomer, energy absorption foams, PUR panels and intermediate polyester polyols and pre-polymers for polyurethane.

The main interest for PLASFI by TAIMEE project is to develop high technology to innovate in the insulation materials market segment, to perform in-depth industrial developments with companies in the consortium to get the knowledge necessary to develop the technologically advanced thermal acoustic panels of recycled leather and bring them into the market.



ARA2010, Aplicacions del Reciclatge Ametller 2010

ARA2010, Ametller Reciclatge Aplicacions 2010 is a new company (April 2010) which takes over the operation of recycling carpet and other industrial waste that so far carried out for Aplicaciones Tecnológicas de Residuos Industriales (www.atrisl.com). For this reason, although a recent undertaking, one might say that the experience of ARA2010 regarding the recycling goes back 10 years, during which it has developed technology that allows us to recover, in the form of panels and boards, all kinds of waste materials for its diverse composition and complexity had no choice but to landfill.

Besides this ARA2010 is in a continuous process of investigation to find different marketable solutions for products made with industrial waste, so we actively collaborate with different companies, both those that generate waste as well as future customers with technology companies advise us in terms of equipment and materials.


NOBATEK is a private technology research centre whose purpose is to promote and contribute to innovation in sustainable development in construction.

It employs 40 people, mainly civil, material and energy engineers as well as architects, with a turnover or more than 3 Million € for 2010 and two locations in France (Anglet and Bordeaux).

NOBATEK carries out both R&D activity and short term assistance for private and public customers.

It works both on local projects focusing on local specificities, and on international projects aiming at exchanging best practices.

NOBATEK works on environmental certification, energy efficiency and comfort simulation, design for recycling, product design and characterization, materials and construction process choice, water use optimization, green construction process organization, life cycle analysis, sustainable refurbishment and building performance monitoring.

NOBATEK has a solid working operational knowledge about the actors in the French building value chain, and on the materials market and current insulation techniques. Its work supporting both sides of the building process, from commitment to design, will guarantee a sound approach to dedicated business plan and market penetration strategy of TAIMEE products in France and in Europe.


ZICLA, El Almacén del Producto Reciclado SL

ZICLA is a company that specializes in the innovation of recycled products and waste management. We help other companies and organizations to turn their waste problem into a business opportunity that is dedicated to the environmental improvement of their operations. Founded in 2005, ZICLA has developed more than 50 R & D + i projects and has helped SMEs to improve their environmental added value, improving their waste management and adapting existing technologies in other sectors for use with waste as raw materials. We develop, design, promote and sell quality recycled products, all of which are innovative, competitive and based on the concepts of a recycled product life cycle.
We work in two main areas:

  • Commercial: Making our way of thinking well known and established via the promotion and sale of our recycled products; and meeting the demand for both our products and the products of other manufacturers.
  • Projects: Innovative recycled products that help to expand the supply of waste-made products; and developing our industries, markets, technologies

In ZICLA, we carry out extensive research on waste, companies, technologies and markets. We utilize all this knowledge in our projects taking advantage of the great synergy that exists among the companies, the industrial / service sectors and people. Our key tools are design and innovation, using the market as the main driver for the “recycling train”.